Electric-hydraulic power steering pump for high-performance cars.


Due to the constantly growing interest in motor sport, and especially in the field of drifting, our company would like to offer electric-hydraulic power steering pumps intended for cars converted for drifting competitions and car rallies.

The electro-hydraulic power steering pumps offered by our company are reinforced, additionally sealed and much more durable than traditional hydraulic power steering pumps, which get seized or unsealed during sports drifting driving.

The use of a gear pump in the entire electro-hydraulic pump module enables long trouble-free operation in the toughest conditions.

An additional advantage is the possibility of mounting the pump in any selected place in the vehicle, so that the space next to the engine can be used for other components that increase the power of the car.

Together with the pump, the customer receives an electrical installation (4 wires) terminated with eye type connectors, to which the following voltages should be applied:

 1. Ground (-), (big brown).
 2. Main plus (+) with 70 A fuse, (big red).
 3. Plus auxiliary after ignition (+), (small black).
 4. Auxiliary plus after starting the alternator (+), (small blue).

Additional information:

  • Rack and pinion outlet size line M16x1.5
  • Oil return line stub diameter 10 mm